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Antares Mudanças & Transportes is honored to provide our internal and external customers with specialized moving services of international transportation of unattended moves from any town in Brazil to foreign countries and vice-versa, and also between different countries.

Antares e SegurançaWe believe in the services we offer, as we are qualified and professional in what we do, and most of all, we perform our activities with pleasure, constantly seeking to serve our customers the best way, as they are the reason for us to exist.

We are connected to major international organizations which comprehend movers from various countries. In addition, we are members of Multinational Audit Company D&B, who operates with organizations having no problems at the market, whether they are financial issues, claims at government agencies and the like. We do all of this in an efficient manner, so that our customers feel fully comfortable to use Antares Mudanças & Transportes, as they will be assured to be working with an organization owning a staff specialized and careful in what they do. We never leave quality aside in our services, from end to end. This is the profile we show to our clients, as excellence in services is our target and as time goes by we have no difficulty maintaining the same standard.

Antares Mudanças & Transportes is a very experienced company at the market, as most of our internal customers have served a long time in the international market. We are always at our customers’ order so as to serve them in a specialized and professional manner.

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