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About us

The company Antares Mudanças & Transportes was idealized and founded by Edmilson Braga Soares Júnior, after having worked for twenty-five years as International Division Manager in another transport company.

Through this vast experience gained during the years in international transport of unaccompanied baggage, this is the right moment to found a company intended to offer a true quality service to clients, such as diplomat, corporate or private clients.

Another important detail was the choice of the name “Antares”, which the encyclopedia Wikipedia defines as the brightest star in the night sky. It is through this own brightness that in a study performed to choose the company’s official name I had no doubt to choose this name, because it is structured and strong to conquer the market. One of our pillars is our employees, which are specialized and ready to serve our partners, the most important reason for our existence.

Permanent recycling of our employees is a realty, through courses, symposia, “in company” training, conventions in Brazil and abroad, etc.

Antares Mudanças & Transportes follows ethical principles of functionality and survival, from which we can point as the main principles:


Being an international transport of unaccompanied baggage company recognized by the society as an excellence corporation in services it offers.


  • Keeping integrity of Board of Directors and Employees in order to be recognized by costumers;
  • Working hard to provide a high standard service with international market;
  • Frequently offering recycling courses to employees by using the best learning techniques in the market;
  • Retain costumers as company’s partners.


Transporting personal goods with ethics, professionalism, quality and safety, aiming at full satisfaction of costumers.


  • Providing a quality, punctuality and safety service;
  • Always paying attention to continuous improvement of processes to assure corporation growth and costumers satisfaction through constant encouragement of teamwork.

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